HSV supervisory board chairman Jansen does not want to become a board boss


Hamburg – The new strong man of Hamburger SV remained very vague in his statements about the future of the second division football club in Corona times. Club president Marcell Jansen only became specific with his personal career plans.

After his election as chairman of the supervisory board of HSV Football AG, he did not strive for the post of chief executive, the 34-year-old made clear in the first digital press conference in the club’s history.

“This is definitely not my goal this term,” said the former international. This lasts until 2022. In January of last year, he had been elected head of the entire association. “I applied for the presidency of the HSV with all my heart and soul, and it completely fills me because I’m passionate about this club.” He also doesn’t have an elaborated agenda in perspective. Of course, he couldn’t say what would be in five or ten years.


After rising to the top of the supervisory board, there was speculation that he wanted to succeed Bernd Hoffmann, the CEO. Jansen played a key role in his removal by the control committee on Saturday. The decision was preceded by a split between 57-year-old Hoffmann and his board colleagues Jonas Boldt (sports) and Frank Wettstein (finance). For the time being, the two will run the business.

Hoffmann supporters Max-Arnold Kottgen and Thomas Schulz resigned from the Supervisory Board as a result of the decision, and Jansen succeeded Kottgen as the successor to the body, which was reduced to five people. “I classify the congratulations I have received differently for me. It takes humility to make such a difficult decision, ”said Jansen, describing recent times as“ turbulent weeks ”.

Since the former professional is said to be close to investor and AG shareholder Klaus-Michael Kuhne, the billionaire resident in Switzerland is considered the secret winner of the power struggle. The 82-year-old entrepreneur had positioned himself against Hoffmann early on and therefore welcomed the change at the top.

“The decision to be carried out on the back of a major HSV fan and sponsor is completely wrong,” said Jansen of speculation that Kuhne’s generosity was dependent on the appointment to the board chair. Since he became president, he has had regular contact with Kuhne. “And that will remain so.”

It remains undisputed that Kuehne’s importance for the club could grow in view of the existential consequences of the Corona crisis. Jansen also did not want to rule out that the 24.9 percent clause would fall. The club statute stipulates that the club may only sell up to 24.9 percent of the AG shares. Kuehne holds 20.6 percent. He had always shown interest in increasing this percentage.

“The issue of equity is always an important issue. We have to see what can be used to get through Corona stronger, “said Jansen. “It is always the goal to secure the club. We have to prepare scenarios, move them closer together and always act in consultation with the members. ”

In the time of the pandemic, Jansen sees the association as well-positioned despite high liabilities. “The current stability gives us hope that HSV will get through the corona crisis well,” he said. The decisive factor will be what the end results really are, “whether the stadiums must remain empty and when football will be played again”.

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