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Jena plans to wear a face mask – Mannheimer Morgen

Jena (TEH) – The city of Jena is planning to make a mask in the coronavirus pandemic.

“In a week, wearing mouth-and-nose protection in Jena sales outlets, local public transport and buildings with public traffic will be mandatory,” said the city.
The measure was warned by the health service. The aim is to increase the security of personnel in public life. In addition to masks, shawls or scarves are also possible as protection if they cover the nose and mouth.
The city claims to have a basic set of masks. The aim is to provide care staff, doctors, drivers in local public transport and other people in systemically relevant infrastructure. The general public received the request: “”Sew yourself and other people the important mouth and nose protection to curb the spread of the virus.””
The Austrian government announced on Monday, among other things, a mouthguard requirement for purchases in supermarkets. The World Health Organization (WHO) sees no benefit in the general protection of mouthguards in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. There is no indication that anything will be gained, said WHO Emergency Director Michael Ryan in Geneva on Monday. Rather, there are additional risks if people remove the masks incorrectly and possibly become infected.

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