Karlsruhe – The second suspect in the Lubcke murder case, Markus H., has denied involvement in the attack after a media report. He told the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) that he did not understand the allegation, reported NDR and “Zeit Online”. If he was so dangerous, how could he be allowed to work in an arms company where security checks were taking place. Otherwise, he had largely remained silent to the investigators, it was said. A spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe did not want to comment on the report on Tuesday.

Investigators accuse the 43-year-old of murder. They assume that H. has encouraged his acquaintance Stephan E. (46) in his project, among other things, through joint target practice. He is also said to have given him contact with an arms dealer. E. is accused of having shot the Kassel government president Walter Lubcke in early June 2019 because he publicly campaigned for the reception of refugees. Charges are expected to be filed in the next few days.

According to the report, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the police are said to have subjected H. to a routine check because of his work in the armaments sector. It is a question of whether the employee appeared with criminal offenses or as an extremist. Five days after the assassination attempt on Lubcke, the police headquarters in Northern Hesse informed the constitutional protection agency that there was “no current intelligence from the state police” on H. At that time, investigators had not yet targeted H., and he had only been arrested at the end of June. According to the media, H.’s review by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution had not yet been completed.

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