Number of new corona infections in Italy is stabilizing


    Rome ((TEH)) – Italy is cautiously hoping for an improvement in the corona pandemic: The increase in the number of people currently tested positive for the coronavirus has not been as low since the start of the national curfews three weeks ago.

    Nevertheless, the government wanted to extend the restrictions until at least Easter (April 12), the Ministry of Health announced on Monday evening. The government is moving in this direction after consulting with an expert commission.

    The number of positives currently increased by 1648 to 75,528 by Monday – the least since March 10. This does not include dead and recovered people. The total infections rose to 101,739, according to the civil defense. The percentage increase was also smaller here. However, the number of deceased is still higher than in any other country in the world. As of Monday, 812 people were killed, now totaling 11,591.


    Since March 10th, people in the country are no longer allowed to move freely. Schools are closed, as are many factories. The blocks are valid until April 3.

    “We are going in the right direction, but we cannot change our strategy in the slightest,” said the President of the National Health Council CSS, Franco Locatelli. One would not return to normality overnight.

    The debate about easing the strict measures is already underway. “There are still no signs of a decline, but it is getting better,” said the President of the National Health Institute, ISS, Silvio Brusaferro, the newspaper “La Repubblica”. “We wait until Easter and then we will check the numbers to take further steps,” he described the possible time frame. The strict exit bans apply until Friday. The government is expected to renew it shortly.

    It would be difficult to find the right way out of the measures with their severe consequences for citizens and the economy. “The problem is finding out which opening shapes ensure that the curve does not grow again,” said government adviser Brusaferro. It is possible that the state allows more freedom and must withdraw them again. The use of apps that control the movement of patients is being considered.

    The regional commissioner for the health of Lombardy, particularly affected, Giulio Gallera, cautioned life for months to come. After a restart, you will have to get used to “a different way of life, leaving the house with respiratory protection, keeping your distance from others (…)”, he said in a television interview.

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