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Football: Partial waiver at Hertha

Berlin – Professionals and managers of the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC will waive part of their salary in the next three months to help the club in the ongoing corona crisis.

“At Hertha BSC too, the idea of ​​solidarity is paramount,” said Managing Director Michael Preetz (52). The partial waiver of income for the professional team, coaching team, functional team, management, and senior staff by the end of the season on June 30, which was previously planned, would save the capital club a sum of “in the orderly seven-figure range”, according to Preetz.

The aim is that “the operation continues here, the effects are minimized” and “no jobs are endangered,” said Preetz in a video distributed by the association and added: “We are facing up to the challenge of this special situation.”

It is still unclear when the Berliners will start team training again. “The recommendation of the DFL was not to do any team training until April 5, we stick to that and will continue to train individually this week,” said Preetz. On Monday, all players were independently on the club site every 15 minutes and received individual training plans. “No one hit the other,” said Preetz.

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