Quarantine for almost all lions over


Mannheim. With the Bundesliga handball players of the Rhein-Neckar Lowen badly hit by numerous Corona infections, the situation normalizes somewhat. “Quarantine has expired for a large part of our team since the middle of last week. But of course, there will still be no team training, “said Managing Director Jennifer Kettemann to this editorial team:” The players continue to keep fit individually and stay as much as possible at home. We are all still aware of our responsibility for everyone’s health. ”

Mads Mensah Larsen was the first Bundesliga player ever to be tested positive for the virus, after which his teammates Patrick Groetzki, Jannik Kohlbacher, Mikael Appelgren, Gedeón Guardiola and trainer Martin Schwalb also made their positive test result public.

Appelgren cleans, Gensheimer builds

Because of the infections, the entire team, including the coaching staff, was put in quarantine, while playmaker Andy Schmid used the time spent in isolation to prepare for his desired coaching career.
For goalkeeper and “bird of paradise” Appelgren, loneliness was also exhausting – or rather: a mental challenge. First of all, the Swede took a walk on the balcony of his Heidelberg apartment at the beginning of last week. He ran in a circle for an hour and after an hour came 6431 steps, 5.13 kilometers and 1099 calories burned. “Feel dizzy and have a sunburn,” said the keeper via the social network Instagram. A few days later, he reported there again and published a video that showed him when he wiped: “This unrest is getting serious, at least the floor is shining.”
Appelgren now feels “like before. I trained on my balcony, which is my gym, my reading room and also my kitchen. ”On Saturday, the 30-year-old started the grill.
Uwe Gensheimer, on the other hand, confessed on Facebook with a grin that he had to answer a “big question” every morning: “What sweatpants do I wear today?” The world-class left-winger used the free time to work in the garden for his 33-year-old son Matti set up a trampoline and a swing. “He is happy that we are at home.” Like all other lions, Gensheimer tries to keep fit as much as possible. But he also admits: “It is not so easy to motivate yourself.” Because nobody knows exactly what he is training for.