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Rummenigge: “Playing the end of the season” – also in September

Munich (TEH) – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge excludes a complete cancellation of the season and a football Bundesliga with only 14 or 16 clubs despite the current existential crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

For the CEO of the German record champions FC Bayern Munich, it would even be an option if the season didn’t end until September and the new season didn’t start until next winter. “If this were not possible from a health and political perspective, this scenario would have to be dealt with,” said Rummenigge in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper.

“We should definitely end this season, for reasons of sporting fairness, but of course also to keep the economic damage as low as possible,” said the Bayern CEO before the general meeting of the German Football League on Tuesday (10.30 a.m.) in Frankfurt.

The head of Bayern admitted that the acute crisis will not leave the industry leader from Munich without a trace. “Bayern would also face economic difficulties if we don’t play football for too long,” said Rummenigge.

Bayern might be “a lot better off than other Bundesliga clubs because of our very good equity situation”. “But we too are currently waiting in the transfer market to keep the powder dry and to see how the situation develops,” said Rummenigge. “Today we all don’t know how long the corona spook will be with us.”

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