Suddenly the most important man in harmony


FRANKFURT – In normal times, professional footballers are the focus of interest in the Bundesliga. The coaches, too, the managers. This is no different at Frankfurt Eintracht than at all other clubs. But now other priorities have to be set around the teams and the clubs. “In changing personnel, people from the team environment such as the coaching team, team management, analysis or material manager will ensure a professional daily routine,” said sports director Fredi Bobic in one of the first statements about the corona crisis. We also want to take the opportunity to introduce the “team behind the team” or important people in the club in an irregular sequence. Today: Martin Spohrer (42), athletics trainer.

He is the man who is mostly on the go with shorts, regardless of wind and weather, even on the replacement bench. “I don’t freeze so easily,” he says with a laugh, “I like to have air on my legs.” Martin Spohrer’s tasks at Eintracht games are clearly defined. He leads the pre-game warm-up program for the entire team, except for the goalkeepers, who works with the reservists at half-time. And he keeps the substitutes on the go at the start of the second half.

During the week, Spohrer also leads the warm-up training that he and his colleagues have worked out. The athletics coaching team currently consists of three men. In addition to Martin Spohrer, this is also Markus Murrer, who is handicapped after an Achilles tendon tear, which was also broken open during rehab. The third man is Andre Biritz, who was hired to replace Murrer last fall.


This trio is particularly important in these times. The players, who have been in quarantine for almost two weeks now, are doing their homework according to plans by the athletics coach. There is a lot of work behind this, each individual professional gets an individual plan. “It was very helpful that we were able to carry out a lactate test before the break and thus have the latest data,” explains Spohrer. Every Eintracht professional has received a bicycle ergometer delivered to their home. Training is then carried out according to instructions that Spohrer and colleagues have transmitted via an app. There are also strong programs that have to be fulfilled in order to be prepared for the “Day X” of the restart.

Stations in Hoffenheim, Gladbach, and Dortmund

Martin Spohrer was one of the first to bring Fredi Bobic to Eintracht in summer 2016. He started his career in 2008 as a goalkeeper coach at TSG Hoffenheim, a year later the Heidelberg native changed his field of responsibility and took over the athletic training at the TSG support center. This was followed by further positions as condition coaches in the offspring of Borussia Monchengladbach and the U 23 from Borussia Dortmund. Now he is working for Eintracht in the fourth season. His contract runs until June 30, 2021. Martin Spohrer lives with his wife Sina and daughter Leni (4) in Frankfurt. He is currently sitting at the desk and advising the players by phone. Even if the Ergo bikes don’t run as they should, he is asked for advice. “Then I have to repair it on my cell phone,” he laughs. One of his virtues is that he is a thoroughly optimistic, happy and friendly person. That is also why it is so important these days.

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