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Cruise ship “Artania” criticized in Western Australia

Cruise ship «Artania» criticized in Western Australia

Canberra (TEH) – After coronavirus cases on a cruise ship with predominantly German passengers off Australia, the authorities there demand a quick departure of the luxury liner.

The head of government of the State of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, said on Wednesday that he did not want the “Artania” to attract other ships just because she was allowed to moor in the port of Fremantle. She had to go back to Germany as soon as possible. “I have instructed the Australian Border Guard to get the ship on the way.”

According to the port authority, the ship should leave on Friday. According to the Australian authorities, the crew of the “Artania” asked for a stay of two more weeks, among other things, for thorough cleaning of the ship.

A spokeswoman for the Bonn tour operator Phoenix did not want to confirm this information on Wednesday. “We are in negotiations with the Australian authorities. There are various plans and options, but none of them are specific yet, “she said at the request of the German Press Agency.

The ship of the Phoenix-based shipping company in Bonn had moored dozens of coronavirus infections on board in Fremantle south of Perth last week. According to the tour operator on Wednesday, 23 coronavirus passengers and 13 crew members are in Australian hospitals. In addition, two other passengers would be treated there for other acute illnesses.

The majority of the more than 800 passengers had been flown to Germany on Sunday. On the cruise ship “Artania”, known from the ARD documentary series “Crazy for the Sea”, there are currently 16 passengers in addition to the crew who did not want to fly, said the Phoenix spokeswoman.

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