Does a mask requirement make sense? – Mannheim morning



    Jena plans to make a mask compulsory for everyone in public space to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This measure already applies to Austria and the Czech Republic. Does the regulation make sense?

    If it is right to cough in the crook of the arm, then it cannot be wrong to breathe in the mouthguard. And take in air through it. It will not prevent viruses from entering if you have close contact with infected people. But it can reduce the likelihood of accidental infection.
    And that’s what it’s all about: minimizing the risk. The danger lurks wherever you get a little closer to other people. In the supermarket, on the bus or train. There are places you can hardly avoid. And you don’t know if the others have corona. Neither do you know whether you already have it yourself? That is why it is right to prescribe the wearing of a face mask in public spaces.
    Do not go for a walk or bike. But whenever things get tight. Use must be as natural as putting on gloves in winter. We’ll get used to the sight.
    In the end, it will even be a prerequisite for loosening the restrictions elsewhere. The prerequisite is of course always that the general rules are observed: two meters away and frequent hand washing.


    by Hagen Strauss
    Actually, someone should have said to Armin Laschet that you don’t wear mouth-nose protection like this. At a meeting with medical professionals on Monday, the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia left his nose free. The example shows how important correct handling is so that a mask requirement is useful for everyone in public space. There are many things you can do wrong – if the mask is not tight, the protection is reduced. But when you do it correctly, it itches, you sweat and run your hand in your face. This is not a way to stop the virus from spreading.
    Medical personnel are trained in all of this. Not the general population. That is why Asia is no good example. Wearing masks is normal there, and handling is learned. Masks can provide false security. The handicraft instructions on the Internet are sometimes bizarre. Many citizens will no longer maintain the safety distance of two meters, which experts say is the most tried and tested remedy for the spread of corona.
    A mask requirement could also exacerbate the shortage in the health sector, making the damage far greater than the benefit. The production capacities are not sufficient worldwide. Therefore: keep your distance. It helps more than the mask.