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Klinsmann and Kahn have to wait for hall-of-fame ceremony

Dortmund – Jurgen Klinsmann and Oliver Kahn have to wait for the festive admission to the “Hall of Fame” of German football. As announced by the German Football Museum, the gala planned for June, which was also postponed, was canceled in June because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to Klinsmann and Kahn, Wolfgang Overath, Hans-Jurgen Dorner and posthumously the former national coach Helmut Schon should also be included. The ceremony will be rescheduled next year. Then the “new members still to be elected by the jury for 2021 will be accepted together in the hall of fame of German football in Dortmund,” it said in a press release.

The football museum has sent its core workforce of 40 employees into short-time work. As director Manuel Neukirchner confirmed on Tuesday at the request of the German Press Agency, the museum will lose around 40,000 euros a week in ticket sales alone after the closure ordered by the authorities until April 21. The “Sport Bild” had previously reported on this.

Neukirchner hopes that the museum can reopen after April 21. “I could imagine – and that’s just a feeling – that it will take place gradually. That you don’t start up to 100 percent, but that you can count on reduced visitor numbers. But these are things that the state government will dictate. “

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