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London Mayor asks Premier League clubs for help

London – In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has asked the football clubs from the British capital for help.

As confirmed by a spokesman at the request of the German Press Agency, Khan wrote a letter to several Premier League clubs, including Chelsea and FC Arsenal, as well as some clubs in the Second Football League.

In the letter, the mayor asked that the clubs provide the NHS with their team doctors and medical staff. Khan also asked that the NHS be allowed to use the stadiums, training facilities, and parking spaces to set up field hospitals that are likely to be necessary. He also asked for accommodation for NHS employees.

“Working together to fight the coronavirus threat has shown the community spirit of London football clubs,” Khan said. Chelsea had previously offered help. The club lets NHS employees live for free in a hotel next to Stamford Bridge. The Tottenham Hotspur stadium is already being used extensively. Because the club has been in contact with city hall employees for a long time, the Spurs did not receive a letter.

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