Barcelona – National team goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen has withdrawal symptoms due to the corona crisis.

“What I miss most is being on the pitch with my colleagues, my friends and playing in front of people, to measure myself at the highest level. It is difficult, especially in the most important phase of the season, to retreat and hold on to yourself “, said the keeper on DAZN and the online portal” Spox “.

Despite the lack of team training, the 27-year-old FC Barcelona goalkeeper makes sure that “I stay physically on the ground, keep fit. With ball is very little. I do everything. At the moment I am working with a fitness app and try to do and pass my challenges every day. ”

His family supports him in times of crisis. “We try to make good use of the time we have. For example, my wife and I do outdoor sports together – and the little one is always there. You should also try to benefit a little from the situation by being with the family. We love being at home and we really enjoy spending time together now, “said Ter Stegen.

Otherwise, the 24-time soccer player spends the time reading: “Biographies are definitely a topic that I enjoy. Business administration related to real estate came about because I am very interested in that. That is a nice ham! “, Reported the Monchengladbach native.

It was announced on Monday that all FC Barcelona professionals would have accepted a temporary 70 percent waiver. The club board had previously announced the temporary cut in the salaries of all athletes and employees.

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