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UEFA once again punishes Eintracht

FRANKFURT – It remains to be seen whether the Europa League can be played to the end this season. Adi Hutter doesn’t really believe in it. “I’m rather skeptical whether this will work,” said the Frankfurt Eintracht coach in an interview with “Bild”. Should it go on, Eintracht would have to perform a little sporting miracle to move on to the quarter-finals. The Frankfurt team lost the first leg of the round of 16 in their own stadium in a so-called “ghost game” against FC Basel with 0: 3. “When playing, we will do everything we can to make the almost impossible possible,” said Hutter.

In the meantime, the European association has once again asked Eintracht to checkout for their fans. The bill for the first leg in the first knockout round of the Europa League against RB Salzburg is for an “inadmissible banner” (15,000 euros), the “blockade of access routes” (32,000) and for UEFA “in discredit” brought (10,000).

The four Corona positives are doing well

Sports director Fredi Bobic had good news to report. The four Eintracht team members who had tested positive for the coronavirus are “really, really good.” Everyone was over the mountain very quickly, “one of the four didn’t notice anything.” Eintracht did not disclose the names of the players and coaches who tested positive.

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