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Corona rules disregarded: Boateng fined


Munich – Former world champion Jerome Boateng has been fined by Bayern Munich. The club fined the defender for moving away from his home despite the Corona exit restrictions.

As the German soccer record champion announced on Tuesday, the 31-year-old had left Munich on Tuesday without the club’s approval. Nothing is known about the amount of the fine.

«With this distance from his home, Boateng was acting contrary to the association’s guidelines. These requirements regulate the behavior of the FC Bayern players in the current situation in accordance with the requirements for the initial restriction of the Bavarian state government and the recommendations of the health authorities, »it said in the club announcement. FC Bayern see themselves as a role model here. “As a consequence of this violation, the club decided to fine Boateng,” it said. The association will donate the sum to Munich hospitals.

Boateng cannot understand the punishment. He accepted every punishment in the world if it was justified, he told the “Bild”. «And I know that it was certainly a mistake not to inform the club about my trip, but at the moment I only had my son in mind. His health was not good, »said the former international. «If a son calls his father, then, of course, I still go, no matter what time! I accept every punishment for him, after all, that’s my son. I want to see the father who doesn’t leave in such a moment to be with his four-year-old son. If there is a punishment for it then it is respect. I find it sad. »

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