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Country signs target agreements with Islamic associations

Mainz – The Rhineland-Palatinate state government today signs target agreements with four Islamic associations. Due to the Corona crisis, the signing in the Ministry of Culture in Mainz, which is responsible for religious issues, is not open to the public. The target agreements are part of a process that started five years ago on the way to a basic contract between the country and the associations, which among other things should form the basis for permanent Islamic religious education.

The target agreements should contain concrete requirements for the associations, the implementation of which should be checked after 18 months. The state government will then decide whether to resume the contractual negotiations that have been interrupted since 2016. The four associations are the Schurr as a regional association of mosque communities with different cultural roots, the Ditib regional association with Turkish mosque associations, the association of Islamic cultural centers and the Ahmadiyya community, which is mainly influenced by Muslims from Pakistan.

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