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Karlsruher SC denies impending bankruptcy

Karlsruhe – Despite its financially critical situation, the relegation-threatening second division club Karlsruher SC is currently not on the verge of bankruptcy.

“It is of course not the case that we will face insolvency in the next few weeks,” said KSC Managing Director Michael Becker of the German Press Agency. “Nevertheless, the situation is so dynamic that we check all eventualities. For example, the TV money could not come. So of course we have to take action. » The KSC is “well positioned” until June 30, provided the TV funds flow.

The SWR had previously reported that Tables-17. the 2nd soccer Bundesliga is threatened with insolvency in the coming weeks. This Wednesday, the KSC wants to inform Karlsruhe Mayor Frank Mentrup about the financial situation.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the season of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga is currently interrupted until at least April 30th.

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