Now UEFA emergency response: friendly signals from Frankfurt



Frankfurt / Main – The Bundesliga has extended its mandatory break until at least the end of April. DFL boss Christian Seifert is working with the 36 professional clubs on the master plan for a season finale until June 30, which is still valid despite all the uncertainties.

But the corona crisis has long had an impact far beyond German football and beyond the current remaining season. Almost casually, even Seifert arranged for himself to break a taboo at the first video press conference after the virtual general meeting. Champions League on Saturday, right after the Bundesliga, is no longer an unthinkable scenario for the top manager of German football given the economically threatening situation.


“”We talk a lot about solidarity in Germany. It will also take a certain amount of solidarity in Europe that we agree to get out of trouble, ”said Seifert.

These words will be welcomed at UEFA. The next emergency call with the general secretaries of the 55 national associations, including DFB representative Friedrich Curtius, is already taking place at the European Football Union.

Concrete results or even the timelines for millions of fans for outstanding competitions such as the Champions League, Europa League, Nations League or the upcoming international windows are not yet expected at UEFA headquarters, according to Lake Geneva. As with the DFL, it is all about preparing for day X when football can be played again and tapping into the diverse interests in the individual football countries.

“That means that we will have to be flexible about the game plan for the next season, and we will also have to accommodate each other. One of the other will have to swallow a toad, “said Seifert.

For the Bundesliga, the possible immediate measures are fixed for now. Now there is a lot of work waiting for Seifert despite the standstill. “For the Bundesliga, we will try to ensure the best possible gameplay for all teams for the spectators, fans, and partners. That is our job, “said Seifert.

Two main areas of work emerge that the DFL will focus on for the coming weeks until the next scheduled general meeting on April 17.

The medical team: national team doctor Tim Meyer heads a four-person “Task Force Sports Medicine / Special Game Operations”. The committee, which also includes Borussia Dortmund’s team doctor Markus Braun, is to create a concept “with the aim of medically justifiable continuation of the game and training operations.” Specifically, the doctors should document previous COVID 19 cases at the Bundesliga clubs and work out an effective test. Preparations must also be made under which conditions, such as hygiene, disinfection, and minimum distance can be observed in the initially only possible ghost games.

The politicians: you know each other in politics and football. And soccer will definitely follow the guidelines of politics. In addition to Seifert, this also made clear to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. The close ties to the federal and state governments will also be used. “We are all in contact with the crucial people. Mr. Seifert has a lot of contact with Mr. Spahn. My colleague Aki Watzke with Mr. Laschet in North Rhine-Westphalia. I have a lot of contact with Mr. Soder here. And we are well-advised to coordinate well with these protagonists, especially in politics, “Rummenigge told Sky.

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