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Schalke employees sometimes in short-time work

Gelsenkirchen – The Bundesliga soccer club FC Schalke 04 has applied for short-time work benefits for a large part of its approximately 600 employees. Corresponding media reports were confirmed by media director Thomas Spiegel on request.

“Yes is correct. What is special about it is that the difference is compensated for by the association to 100 percent due to the drop in salary among those affected. Our board insisted on that. This is by no means a matter of course, »said Spiegel of the German press agency.

This was made possible in the Corona crisis by the partial salary waiver of the football professionals, the coaching and support team, the three-member board with Alexander Jobst, Peter Peters and Jochen Schneider and other well-paid employees.

In the case of short-time work, employees receive a total of only 60 or 67 percent (with children) of the lost net salary. Because the Revierclub increases the allowances through the savings in top salaries, no employee affected by short-time work at Schalke has to fear financial disadvantages.

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