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VRM is driving digital transformation

REGION – The regional media and service company VRM in Mainz is giving additional impetus and will change the responsibilities of the editor-in-chief on April 1 in order to make future challenges in digital news management even more targeted and to push digital products further without the print business to neglect. Lutz Eberhard, member of the VRM executive board and overall responsibility for the content area, takes over the central control of the news portals and newspaper titles. a. Allgemeine Newspaper, Wiesbadener Kurier, Darmstadter Echo, Wetzlarer Neue Newspaper, and Giessener Anzeiger. The central content areas of the VRM are managed by Alexandra Eisen as Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Strengthen local journalism

The spokesman for the management of the VRM, Hans Georg Schmucker, explains: “We want to significantly strengthen local journalism and support our editorial staff even better in digital reporting. We attach particular importance to the training of our volunteers and the further training of our editors. With our content, we consistently focus on quality, sustainable reporting and offer solutions. ”

Henceforth Stefan Schroder as editor-in-chief VRM and others. the tasks of education and training bundled. As editor-in-chief of Hesse, Lars Hennemann leads all VRM titles in Hesse (Wiesbadener Kurier, Darmstadter Echo, Wetzlarer Neue Newspaper and Giessener Anzeiger). Wiesbaden’s local boss Olaf Streubig also takes on the role of deputy editor-in-chief for the Wiesbaden courier. For the Mittelhessen titles Wetzlarer Neue Newspaper and Giessener Anzeiger, Dr. Uwe Rondigs editor-in-chief and works in close coordination with Lars Hennemann on the further development of the VRM products. For Rhineland-Palatinate, Friedrich Roeingh continues to be responsible as editor-in-chief of the titles Allgemeine Newspaper and The Eastern Herald Newspaper. Mainz local manager Dennis Rink also takes on the role of deputy editor-in-chief.

With the position “Head of Content Development”, Julia Lumma takes on the tasks of digitally developing journalistic content and further developing editorial instruments. In its new area of ​​responsibility, Lumma, together with the editor-in-chief, is responsible for the development and implementation of digital products as well as the digital transformation within the editorial team, including the development of editorial strategies for premium content and reach management. Her area of ​​responsibility also includes the central news pool and the control of the digital reporters.

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