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«Want to make the best of situation»

Augsburg – Heiko Herrlich, the new coach of FC Augsburg, has to wait unexpectedly long for his debut in the Bundesliga due to the corona crisis.

“It is an extraordinary situation. We are now acting to the best of our knowledge and belief, taking health measures into account, in order to prepare for a day X, of which we do not yet know when it will come, “said Herrlich of the German Press Agency. “This makes the current situation even less predictable and you always have to adapt spontaneously to current developments and adjust things. It is a challenge for all of us that must be mastered together. ”

The 48-year-old Herrlich had succeeded Martin Schmidt as an FCA coach three weeks ago. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, he could not play a game with the new team. The Bundesliga pauses at least until April 30th.

“It’s a strange situation because as a coach who is new to a team, you actually want to push a lot of things, kindle fire and passion in training and, of course, in the games in the stadium. But none of this is possible now, because health protection is, of course, the top priority. Nevertheless, we want to make the best of the situation, “said Herrlich.

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