BabbelBox # 33 - A love of praise for smart
(Graphic: Miriam Vollmecke)

Let’s face it: It’s not fun at the moment. The fact that the coronavirus keeps us at home while spring is awakening is bad enough for many. It gets really ugly for those whose existence is at stake. Rheinhessen lives from wine, craftsmen, and farmers and from its wonderful festivals. But all of that is currently failing.

Coronavirus: The situation in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate

So what to do? Quite a lot! Many Rheinhessen currently has brilliant ideas with which they help the local economy. This is often done digitally. Or the region is moving closer together and students are helping winemakers.

Although the virus restricts us, a lot is possible at the moment. Anita Pleic, head of the Rheinhessen-Nord editorial team, tells in the new BabbelBox how the Rheinhessen copes with the crisis.

Coronavirus: All data on the subject

What if it’s all over? That will, of course, take a little longer, and should also nibble on the nerves and even livelihoods. But maybe after the crisis, Rheinhessen is an (even) better place to be: Because we appreciate our craftsmen and the products from the region even more, because we love our environment even more because our jobs are more digital and the streets are freer.

Meike Hickmann and Frederik Voss in the new BabbelBox will discuss who snips the virus and what Rheinhessen could look like in a few months.

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