Protective measures against the corona virus are particularly important in old people's and nursing homes. (Archifoto: TEH)

MAINZ – a ban on visits, a volunteer pool of carers for bottlenecks and more prevention: the 40,000 particularly vulnerable people in the Rhineland-Palatinate old people’s and nursing homes as well as the employees are to be better protected against the corona virus. In order to keep the company going when employees were in quarantine, the State Nursing Chamber had set up a volunteer pool for people from the health professions, said Health Minister Sabine Batzing-Lichtenthaler (SPD) on Friday in Mainz. More than 90 people have already registered. However, they hope that significantly more could be registered.

Around 50 of the mostly elderly residents of the home are currently suffering from the corona virus, and almost 40 of the approximately 37,000 outpatient and inpatient nurses.

No admission freeze in homes

If the staff are insufficient, in exceptional cases and in consultation with the health authorities, nurses may reduce the 14-day quarantine after contact with an infected person. They would then be tested regularly – by employees.

There is no thought about a freeze on the admission of residents. There are also exceptions to the ban on visits, for example for spouses or if a resident is dying.

In order to detect the infection early, the residents of the home would be monitored and interviewed more closely, said Silke Basenach from the health office in Bad Durkheim. With more contact, additional employment opportunities and communication with relatives via digital media, the residents of the homes should be brought out of their isolation and, for example, dementia people should be insecured as little as possible. “Windows will be revived,” said the minister. Visits to the window pane are meant.

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