Better without a spectator than no games
"Better games without spectators than no games," says Kevin Vogt: The Werder player during a live stream. Photo: Carmen Jaspersen / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Carmen Jaspersen / TEH)

Bremen – Defender Kevin Vogt from Werder Bremen considers a continuation of the Bundesliga season only with ghost games as the “right way” in the Corona crisis.

For many clubs, it is a matter of bare survival. There is a cost apparatus to use. For many, the wheel has to turn, »said the 28-year-old in a video interview that was broadcast live on his club’s website. “That is why it is very important for many clubs that the games take place – even without spectators. Because everything else is not portable. When you see what measures are being taken now, you cannot say: in a month and a half we will fill the stadiums again. Therefore: better games without spectators than no games.

The loan player from 1899 Hoffenheim also cleared up in the conversation with the legend that the individual training program of football professionals during the Corona crisis was only a lax matter. Whoever claims that, I order it for a repeat. The only thing I managed to do after that was a walk with my dogs, said Vogt. All Werder players had received individual running plans for the past few days and should be back in Bremen by Thursday. «It was challenging. I’ve never walked through the park so ambitiously. A lot more was not possible after the program, »said Vogt.

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