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Coming out of the Corona crisis strengthened

Hamburg – The new management duo Jonas Boldt and Frank Wettstein see second-division soccer team Hamburger SV well positioned despite the corona crisis and the turbulence surrounding the replacement of CEO Bernd Hoffmann.

«I see a lot of cohesion at HSV. And I have high hopes that we will come out of this corona crisis stronger, »said sports director Boldt (38) in a double interview published on the club website.

Economically, the traditional club, which is burdened with high liabilities, is doing very well, according to CFO Frank Wettstein (46), despite the interruption of the game. “With the available liquidity reserves, we can get through the next few months, even beyond June 30, 2020,” he said.

The management duo cannot imagine an end to the season with a missed promotion of HSV as third in the table. “All 36 clubs unanimously committed to continue the current season, to make the decisions in a fair, honest competition,” said Boldt.

Boldt and Wettstein spoke for the first time since the separation from CEO Hoffmann. The majority of the supervisory board spoke out against the 57-year-old on Saturday. Marcell Jansen has been the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board since Saturday.

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