Corona hot spot? Virus in Ischgl since the beginning of February

    Ischgl / Vienna (TEH) – According to an expert, the coronavirus has been spreading in the popular and recently focused winter sports resort of Ischgl since the beginning of February.

    Franz Allerberger from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (Ages) said in Vienna that a Swiss woman was considered patient 0.
    She brought the virus to Tyrol and is believed to have infected herself on February 5. It only tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 much later.
    The woman was an employee in an apres-ski restaurant in Ischgl. Allerberger also mentioned two Norwegian Erasmus students who were also infected when they traveled from Bologna to Ischgl for skiing.

    The state of Tyrol had recently been heavily criticized for its crisis management. The country is accused of not having finished skiing quickly enough.
    Apres-ski parties with many international guests, in particular, are now considered to be the germ cells and distributors of the virus. Ischgl had come into particular focus.
    Allerberger explained that around 600 corona infections in Austria can currently be traced back to Ischgl and the surrounding communities. According to Allerberger, this number could be up to twice as large abroad.
    According to the Ages expert, the bartender, who is believed to have infected many people, was not the only distributor of the virus. The man was only the first to go to the doctor of those affected in Ischgl and tested positive in early March.


    The Ages is one of the most important organizations in dealing with the Coronavirus crisis in Austria. As of March 31, around 17 percent of all corona tests in the Alpine Republic were evaluated in Ages laboratories.