DRK nursing home in the former Friedrich Zimmer hospital in Herborn. Photo: Siegfried Gerdau

WETZLAR / HERBORN – A 101-year-old resident of the DRK care center in Herborn died of the coronavirus on Wednesday evening. The woman had already had previous illnesses and her health was impaired. This was announced by the press office of the Lahn-Dill district on Thursday. The senior was one of the nine positively tested residents last week. It is the first in the district whose death can be linked to the coronavirus. “Our condolences go to those who were close to the deceased,” said District Administrator Wolfgang Schuster on Thursday morning.

After it became known a week ago that an employee of the nursing home had contracted Covid-19, the safety measures in the facility were tightened according to conditions imposed by the district health office. The residents were put in quarantine in their rooms, the nursing staff was instructed to enter the rooms only with protective clothing and to pay attention to increased hygiene measures. Symptomatic residents and employees of the care facility were immediately tested for the coronavirus, according to the circle. A total of thirteen residents and ten nursing home employees have been infected with the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 within the past week.

As of April 2, the number of infected people in the Lahn-Dill district is 219. Of these, 43 people are currently considered to have recovered.

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