Early decision on rules for transfer market
Gianni Infantino would like to see results in the search for solutions to transfer problems in international football. Photo: Ding Ting / XinHua / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Ding Ting / XinHua / TEH)

Zurich – FIFA President Gianni Infantino has announced early results in the search for solutions to transfer problems in international football through the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a task force that is already working and will shortly be making proposals to protect clubs and players,” the Swiss said in a greeting to the delegates to the video-controlled congress of the South American football association Conmebol.

Due to the mandatory season breaks in practically all international leagues, key dates such as 30 June as the end of contracts for many professionals and the summer window are unlikely to be maintained.

The disputes regarding competitions and the international game calendar would have to be ended in the face of the great crisis. “Everyone has different interests, but we have to talk and put topics on the table that we may not have discussed in the past. I am convinced that we will find solutions for the international game calendar, »said the 50-year-old.

However, Infantino said that he could not predict when the corona crisis for football would end. “Tomorrow we would all like to see football again, but we do not know when we can play again and nobody in the world knows when we can play as before,” said the head of the international association.

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