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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fire department Florsheim-Dalsheim relies on virtual exercise

FLORSHEIM-DALSHEIM – The corona pandemic paralyzes life in (almost) all areas. The Florsheim-Dalsheim volunteer fire department also feels this. Already on March 13th all services and activities of the fire brigade were stopped until April 30th for security and infection protection reasons. The emergency services are of course not affected by this, but exercises may not be held according to the instructions.

This presents Florian’s disciples with unprecedented difficulties since the fire department is a presenting organization and relies on regular, practical training. The exercises are actually essential in order to be able to master all movements safely at all times. These have to go into the flesh and blood and have to be trained again and again.

So what to do? Since social distancing and the ban on contact will take longer, solutions had to be found. In the circle of executives, who are in even closer contact than usual in this difficult time, the idea was born to bring the comrades together through a web meeting program and video conferences. In the multimedia age, in which almost everyone has a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, no problem, after all, only a corresponding app had to be installed.

After a successful trial run among the firefighters, it was quickly agreed: “We will implement it.” Already a day later, almost the entire weir could be instructed on the screen combined. Military leader Alexander Schafer prepared the virtual meeting with the support of fire chief Bernd Henn. An insight into the current situation of the fire brigade was given and questions that arose were answered. In addition, the functionality of two mobile LED lighting devices that were purchased by the fire department’s support group was explained – almost as if all the firefighters had been there. Just touch it yourself, that wasn’t possible.

All participants in the video conference were thrilled with the result of the almost 90-minute virtual meeting. The Florsheim-Dalsheim fire brigade wants to intensify this new training method in order to keep the emergency services up to date, at least in theory, during the Corona crisis.

Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur
Staff writer at The Eastern Herald. Studied political science.

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