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Fortuna boss Rottgermann calls for Bundesliga emergency pots

Dusseldorf – Thomas Rottgermann believes that resuming play in the Bundesliga in May is realistic under certain conditions despite the ongoing Corona crisis.

“We are talking about events with a total of 50 people that can be prepared and examined in such a way that they do not go beyond the risk to life in everyday life,” said the CEO of Fortuna Dusseldorf to the magazine “Sponsors”. “I believe that the precautions that will be taken will be so good that a game can be run,” added the 59-year-old.

In his opinion, the ghost games envisaged by the DFL make sense not only for financial reasons. «It is important to play Bundesliga football again, but not because the Bundesliga will otherwise lose money. It is important to show people that normality is tangible again. Watching a football game also means having a different topic in everyday life. »

The spread of the coronavirus has revealed the vulnerability of professional football. Therefore, it is now necessary to clarify “what conclusions we can draw from this for the future.” Rottgermann spoke in favor of “emergency pots”: “For future crises, we have to make sure that solidarity pots are available in the Bundesliga.” In order to make the league more balanced and to make it economically more resilient, there should be “no prohibitions on thinking”.

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