Ines Claus is in the state parliament. Photo: Andreas Arnold / TEH (Image: TEH) (Photo: Andreas Arnold / TEH)

Wiesbaden – Ines Claus is the first woman to head the CDU parliamentary group in Hesse. The CDU deputies elected the lawyer on Friday to succeed Michael Boddenberg, who was sworn in on the same day as the new Hessian finance minister. “Of course, I don’t just stand for the young generation but also for family-friendly politics,” said Claus, who has five-year-old twin girls and an eleven-year-old son.

The 42-year-old administrative expert had received 78.4 percent of the 37 valid votes cast in the parliamentary group (yes: 29, no: 8). The personnel proposal came from Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU). “She is an experienced and competent politician,” he said. When she was young, Claus stood for a new generation in the CDU.

With professional positions in the European Parliament, in the state parliament and above all through her engagement in local politics in the district of Gross-Gerau, she gained a lot of political experience. “In doing so, she learned how to quickly evaluate and advance a variety of topics from a wide variety of areas,” explained Bouffier. Claus is an open-minded person and courageous in her speech.

She experiences important national political issues such as daycare, school, health and social affairs “at home at the kitchen table”, said Claus. Your choice is a credible sign that politics and families can belong together. As her important future tasks, she mentioned strengthening the back of the state government in the current crisis and working internally in the parliamentary group.

She is 100 percent behind the coalition with the Greens, said Claus. “But it is also clear that I stand for the CDU.” The group leader of the Greens, Mathias Wagner, came over shortly after their election and congratulated – “I believe also with the expression of surprise on the face”. So far, there has been no personal relationship – «which we can build up very well and gladly». She looks forward to working with you.

The election result motivated them to get more votes next time, said Claus, referring to the eight no votes. The result is absolutely understandable in these times and with the short lead time. The other MPs would have been told, in a relative surprise, “that it is suddenly a triple mother from the fourth row”. She was asked on Wednesday afternoon and agreed about two and a half hours later.

Married Claus had come to parliament in the last state election at the end of 2018 through a direct mandate in the southern Hessian constituency of Gross-Gerau. Her jump to the top of the faction came as a surprise to many, Claus has so far been one of the less publicly known members of the faction. Boddenberg had given up the presidency because he succeeded Thomas Schafer (CDU) as finance minister. Schafer had died unexpectedly last weekend.

The Green Group leader Wagner called the election of Claus a brave and wise decision. “We look forward to working with you,” he said. The faction saw her as a “competent, open and balancing colleague”. These are good prerequisites for successfully continuing the trusting work of the two government groups.

“I am pleased that the CDU parliamentary group has chosen a woman to head it,” said SPD parliamentary group leader Nancy Faeser. Claus had a real lightning career, but she also followed in great footsteps as successor to Boddenberg.

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