Keep your distance in the supermarket – Mannheimer Morgen

    Leipzig » It suddenly looks very different here! If you go shopping at the moment, you will quickly notice that a few things have changed. After all, supermarkets should also help to slow down the spread of the new coronavirus. Anja Malek works for a supermarket chain in the city of Leipzig. There are now plexiglass panes at the checkouts. Anja Malek says: This is how cashiers and customers are protected. Because the coronavirus is transmitted primarily through droplets, for example when coughing or sneezing. “What we still do is disinfect a lot,” says Anja Malek. When disinfecting, viruses are killed with a special liquid – for example on cash register tapes or handles on shopping trolleys. And what can you do yourself when you go shopping? Anja Malek says: Keep your distance. It should be about one and a half meters. So that nobody has to estimate the distance, adhesive tape was even stuck to the floor in front of the cash registers in Ms. Malek’s supermarkets.

    There are also security guards outside the doors, she says. “These are people in yellow and green vests who stand out immediately. They ensure that there are not too many people in the branch at the same time. ”This also has to do with the distance:“ It makes a difference whether ten or fifteen people push through a shelf aisle at the same time or whether there are only two or three are. ”Then it would be much easier to keep your distance.
    Ms. Malek’s other tips: frequent hand washing and only buying as much as you really need. Some people are currently shopping a lot to have supplies. But Anja Malek says just like the responsible politicians: The food supply for Germany is secured. Instead of buying hamsters, one should shop considerately. TEH