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Lilly Becker makes her acting debut


Munich – Lansing is still an ideal world – at least to a large extent. Instead of the corona pandemic, exit restrictions and toilet paper, the residents of the fictional television village are concerned with the worries and joys of everyday life. Controversy, intrigue, dreams, and love, again and again, cause a stir in the series “Dahoam is dahoam” on BR television. Because of the corona pandemic, there has been a break since mid-March. But because the filming takes several weeks, the series continues as usual. Until the beginning of May, there were enough episodes, according to the Bavarian Radio (BR).

One of them has a prominent guest: On Monday (April 6th) Lilly Becker made her debut as an actress in the role of cheerful Linda at 7.30 pm in the episode “Confess or Not”. Becker, who has had a long relationship with tennis player Boris Becker, enjoys being in the spotlight. Her first scene: a reunion with her friend Fanny (Fanny Lux), in the series Cook at Brunnerwirt. Because Fanny has to stand at the stove, her husband Gregor (Holger Matthias Wilhelm) should take care of the pretty guest and falls under the charm of the pretty Dutch woman.
“I was excited. But after five minutes I was really relaxed and had fun, that was cool, ”says Becker about the shoot. After Christmas, the Dutch-born began to prepare for the role. A German coach helped her and practiced with her – in German and in English. “I took it really seriously.” Becker had to learn German, in particular, otherwise, she mostly speaks English. “In the beginning, it was really difficult. But now I understand it much better and I also speak it, ”she proudly says. She even has a favorite word: “darling”. Only with the Bavarian dialect, which is spoken in “Dahoam is dahoam”, did she initially not get along so well. “I had to read the Bavarian text 15 times,” says Becker. “It’s like another language.

Colleague: “Super prepared”

On the film set of the series in Dachau in mid-February, Becker already feels quite at home. Rehearsals take place in the backdrop of the Brunner landlord, where the landlord Gregor enthuses about his experiences in New Zealand. “Everyone dreams of something like that,” says Linda alias Lilly Becker with a sympathetic, soft accent. Gregor actor Wilhelm is satisfied with his partner: “She was very well prepared and has a lot of fun playing”, he praises.
Acting is a great experience for Becker. Even as a child, she liked to slip into other characters. A wish that was now fulfilled. “Now I’m Linda”. Nevertheless, it is exhausting, such as learning text. “You really have to love it,” advises Becker. The 43-year-old can well imagine a future as an actress. “If another offer comes up, I’ll try again because it’s really, really cool. ” TEH

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