More and more football professionals are now turning to university


Berlin – The Corona crisis apparently moves some of the currently “unemployed” Bundesliga players to broaden their non-football horizons.

According to information from the ARD radio research Sport, many kickers are currently pushing their distance learning, some are now starting to study. Most are studying sports management. Because there are no games in the German professional leagues until at least April 30, according to the ARD research, many use the free time to take online exams or do homework for their distance learning.

For example, RB Leipzig’s international Lukas Klostermann (23) studies economics, while Gladbach’s world champion Matthias Ginter (26) completed his studies as a certified sports manager in March 2018, just as successfully as FC Bayern Munich goalkeeper Sven Ulreich (31) in September 2017.


Around 200 football professionals, including 25 first division players, are said to be currently enrolled at the private Dusseldorf University of Management IST in Dusseldorf. Other universities, such as the ESM Academy in Nuremberg, where Ginter and Ulreich graduated, confirm the trend of the ARD radio research sport. For example, Niklas Lomb (26), keeper of Bayer Leverkusen, is studying at IST Dusseldorf in order to «build a second mainstay. In order to have a good chance of getting into the job after your career. And now, in a phase when league operations, games, and training operations are largely at a standstill, the whole thing is becoming even more present, »he said.

Regardless of the Corona crisis, an increasing number of football professionals are looking to study on the side. Augsburg striker Alfred Finnbogason is now completing a second in business administration after studying sports management. He wanted to be prepared for life afterward. “If I could combine football and business, I would prefer that,” said the 31-year-old Icelander. According to a survey by the ARD radio research sport among the 56 clubs in the first to third league, second division club Jahn Regensburg has the most students. Eleven of the 27 squad players are currently studying, six more have completed their studies or have completed vocational training.

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