Must be patient and hope for experts

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Stockholm – AC Milan’s Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic understands the Italian authorities’ approach to fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus.


“It is tragic that the football leagues were closed. But we have to respect the system and be patient, “said the 38-year-old striker to the Swedish newspaper” Svenska Dagbladet “. A solution had to be found that was good for everyone in society. “Health comes before all sports.”

Ibrahimovic said that he was not worried about the coronavirus pandemic. «No, I’m not worried about Corona. I think that will solve. » You just have to wait until the experts know what to do. He personally spends his time doing things like moving his furniture, television, and fitness. «I like being at home. I don’t go out so much, I prefer to do it in my own home. »

The conversation with Ibrahimovic was held in Stockholm at an unspecified time in March after the professional footballer had returned to Sweden because of the situation in Italy. Because of the Corona crisis, Italian football decided to leave the ball in Serie A until further notice.