President of the German Olympic Sports Association: Alfons Hormann. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst / TEH)

Frankfurt / Main / Cologne – Transparency Germany’s request for an immediate termination of the application for the Olympic Games 2032 in view of the coronavirus pandemic is not understood by DOSB and the prospective Rhein-Ruhr-City 2032.

“All of Germany is currently working on coping with the Corona crisis, and we have also switched to crisis mode in sports,” said Alfons Hormann, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. “Now is not the time for populist advice, but for concrete actions.”

“We all work in a team-oriented manner so that sports clubs and associations can survive the crisis and quickly convey joy and joy of movement again,” he explained. “We will tackle strategic projects again with those responsible if they can see more clearly what the future holds.”

Sylvia Schenk, head of the Sports working group at the anti-corruption organization Transparency Germany, had called for the speculation about a German application for the 2032 Games to be ended immediately. People currently have “other concerns than continuing the ongoing campaign,” said Schenk. “”In view of the expected serious humanitarian and economic effects of the corona pandemic, the question of a reform of major international sporting events is even more pressing than before.”

According to sports manager Michael Mronz, the Rhine-Ruhr region is currently the only German interested party to apply for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. “At the moment there are certainly other topics that interest people than in 2032,” he said. “Issues such as, above all, people’s health and when and how can public life be resumed and thus economic coexistence.”

Mronz replied that the effects of the corona pandemic make the question of reforming major events such as the Olympic Games more urgent than ever, according to Transparency: “Sylvia Schenk is always welcome to talk to us about the Rhein Ruhr City 2032 concept. » Because then it would certainly come to a different result, since 90 percent of the required sports facilities for possible games on the Rhine and Ruhr are already available. “This allows a completely different planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Mronz.

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