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Only occasional violations of corona requirements

Mainz – According to police headquarters in Rhineland-Palatinate, the majority of people abide by the restrictions imposed by the Corona crisis. Only a few violations of the Corona Control Ordinance were observed, the Interior Ministry in Mainz said at the request of the German Press Agency. Occasionally, the police find violations of the ban on gathering in public spaces, i.e. when small groups of more than two people are traveling together – sometimes they grill and kick.

The third version of the Corona Control Ordinance, which is currently valid until April 19, states, among other things, that staying in public space is only permitted on its own or with another person who is not in the household and among members of your own household. In addition, the public should maintain a minimum distance of one and a half meters.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasized that violations of the regulation were being followed up consistently by the police. A certain proportionality must also be maintained. “If, for example, the prescribed distance of 1.50 meters is not observed for a short time, a warning and clarification is usually given.” In individual cases, police officers were coughed up in Rhineland-Palatinate.

According to the ministry, the police generally do not impose any fines, as this is ultimately the responsibility of the district authorities. The state government issued interpretative notes on March 27. Accordingly, fines of up to 25,000 euros can be imposed. However, this amount should only be payable in the event of particularly serious violations and in the event of a recurrence – for example, if bars, clubs or restaurants do not close despite being asked to do so several times.

For example, 4,000 to 5,000 euros have to be paid for inadmissible “provision” of a tourist accommodation offer or the operation of camper or camping pitches for tourist purposes. It can cost 1000 euros if the requirements for protective measures or hygiene regulations are not observed. The catalog provides for 200 euros for gatherings of more than two people in public, provided there are no exceptions.

The Mainz police also observed that the majority of people endeavor to keep enough distance from their fellow human beings. Last sunny Saturday, for example, there were too many people on the banks of the Rhine to keep enough distance. Spokesman Rinaldo Roberto sees more violations in the suburbs than in the city center. Several quiet gatherings had been dissolved last weekend. This will be punished as an administrative offense.

The city of Koblenz has not yet been able to provide information on the specific fines imposed. A spokesman said that the hearing proceedings, which would always result in a fine, only ended at the end of the week. “We have had violations by traders who have opened their shops despite the ban,” said the spokesman. There were also gatherings in squares or in parks as well as so-called “corona parties” that had been dissolved. Two people who did not comply with quarantine requirements were warned several times that personal details had been sent to the public prosecutor.

In Bingen, the police put an end to a meeting of eight young people on a dirt road on Tuesday. According to the police, the adolescents drank alcohol and sat close to each other on two benches, a witness reported it. The adolescents were reluctant to comply with the relinquishment of the place, and criminal proceedings against them for violating the Infection Protection Act are now being initiated.

According to Trier, it primarily records violations of the ban on assembly. The municipal enforcement service is currently being assisted by traffic surveillance staff during checks, and the police are called in for serious cases, city spokesman Michael Schmitz reported. Overall, the number of violations was limited, and people handled the restrictions responsibly.

Intervention was taken in Trier, for example, when around 20 people were in three groups on the square in front of the train station last Monday and had a real drink. In this case, those affected had shown little understanding, but that was the exception. Three people who grilled in the Palatinate district near the bastion there in the past week will probably have to pay a fine of 250 euros each. Also last Monday, six people kicked at the Domfreihof. But “kicking in half team strength” is currently prohibited, the city emphasized. Referrals were given, street footballers now face a fine of 200 euros each.

Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
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