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Friday, December, 2, 2022

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Open water swimmers enjoy clarity

Wurzburg – The German open water swimmers are worrying about the Olympic Games in a year.

The personal starting places for world champion Florian Wellbrock, third world champion Rob Muffles as well as Finnie Wunram and Leonie Beck, which were secured at the World Cup 2019 in South Korea, also last for the postponed summer games. National coach Stefan Lurz reported relevant recommendations and decisions from the International Olympic Committee, the World Swimming Federation FINA, and the German Swimming Association.

This is an important step for us and also important for athletes from a psychological point of view. You don’t have to face the stress of a qualification again, said Lurz of the German Press Agency. All four athletes secured the Olympic ticket in summer 2019 with top 10 positions.

After the postponement of the Olympic Games in the coming year, the open water aces cannot train as usual due to the coronavirus pandemic. That should not change the goals for the 2021 Tokyo competitions. “After the extraordinarily good World Cup 2019, we would have been very confident in the 2020 games and will also confidently go into the 2021 season,” said the Wurzburger Lurz.

Open water swimming has rapidly grown in popularity because more people come to understand its benefits. Compared to other sports, swimming offers numerous health benefits to both the swimmers and their families. The physical health benefits it brings have brought about more popularity with water fitness gear, such as a smartwatch for swimming. This can help you monitor your fitness progress, which is useful if your purpose for swimming is to live a healthier lifestyle.

This healthier lifestyle also brought forth triathletes–someone who enjoys the sport and the training, beyond just winning a medal or competing in the world-coveted series of Ironman competitions. Apart from the healthy lifestyle they live, they now enjoy their training sessions as their me-time or stress relief before heading on with their daily responsibilities.

Another benefit of swimming in open water is that you’ll have an incredible opportunity to see a variety of marine life. There are hundreds of different types of fish that are attracted to this kind of environment. Hence, you’ll get the chance to see a variety of different species such as sharks, rays, and seahorses in a single location. 

Often, the stressors of daily life can eat you up so much that it’s normal to forget to just breathe and take in the beauty of life. When you’re able to give yourself this new-found sense of appreciation, it helps you forget whatever early and material things that may have been causing you unnecessary mental anxiety.

If you’re interested in trying out this type of swimming, it’s essential that you do your research and learn all you can about open water swimming. Although swimming in the ocean offers a huge list of health benefits to swimmers, it’s important that you understand that there are also benefits to swimming in open water. These include the fact that you’re in the middle of nature and in an environment that’s very soothing to the senses.

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Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur
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