Organizers want to hold on to Multi-EM 2022
The European Championships are scheduled to take place in Munich from August 11-21, 2022. Photo: Felix Horhager / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Felix Horhager / TEH)

Munich – The postponement of the Olympic Games to 2021 is currently causing chain reactions in the international sports calendars.

The organizers of the European Championships in Munich announced their firm intention to stick to the date of the multi-European championships from August 11th to 21st, 2022. “The postponement of the Olympic Games to 2021 triggered a chain reaction among organizers of sporting events, but we’re sticking to our deadline,” said Marc Jorg from Switzerland, co-founder and managing director of the European Championships, the German press agency.

Since World Athletics plans to host its World Athletics Championships in Eugene a year later in 2022 after the postponement of the Olympic Games in 2021, there are huge date collisions not only with the European Championships, at which the European Athletics Championships would be the centerpiece, but also the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham (June 27th to August 7th, 2022). «The diaries have to be completely redesigned. This is only possible with an open discussion by everyone involved, ”said Marc Jorg, adding:“ It must not be that the larger event always displaces the smaller one. ”

It is clear to the Swiss that it will be a mammoth task to find an optimal date for every major event that has been postponed. «The facts of the Olympic postponement are still very fresh. At the moment, the overall view of the coming sports years is still missing. Only in extensive discussions can there be practical solutions for all sides, »he said. Nevertheless, he is not driven by the uncertainty: “It would be worrying for everyone if no consensual solutions were found in the upcoming discussions.”

In addition to the title fight of the athletes, the European Championships in cycling, golf, gymnastics, triathlon, and rowing should also take place in Munich in 2022.

«It is a difficult situation. We assume that all appointments will be made in such a way that our appointment can be held, »said Tobias Kohler, spokesman for the Olympic Park in Munich. “The date 50 years after the Olympic Games in Munich was chosen deliberately.” Munich was the venue for the Summer Games in 1972.

The premiere of the Multi-EM took place in Glasgow and Berlin in 2018 and was a huge success, especially for the broadcasting television stations. Because with almost a billion TV viewers, they enjoyed a multiple viewership than was otherwise the case with individual European championships.

«We are facing a very difficult challenge. It is unusual to get three such events in one year. Getting it done within a few weeks is even more complicated, »said World Athletics boss Sebastian Coe of the ARD doping office. They will work flexibly with everyone involved, «in order to have three major athletics events integrated. It is clear that the World Championships are the most important event of the year. I am sure that we will make it. »

Coe emphasized that the European Athletics Championships should remain part of the European Championships in Munich even after the relocation of the World Cup in Eugene in 2022. The European Championships and World Championships for athletes in one year are conceivable. But if none of the three organizers were willing to reschedule the dates, for example, in May or June 2022, the confusion would be perfect.

The multiple EM is expected to cost around 130 million euros. The city, the Free State and the federal government share 100 million euros. «The sports facilities are prepared, the hotels are blocked for this time. And we always have to see that a move in addition to athletics would affect at least five other sports with their associations, ”said Marc Jorg.

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