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Stadtmission Worms: worship from the living room

WORMS – What does a Christian church do without the usual Sunday service? The city mission of Worms, whose members meet every Sunday from 10 a.m. to celebrate church service and then meet for a coffee and exchange, is currently not allowed to offer this event. At the same time, many people are currently very moved and unsettled by the Corona crisis.

With this in mind, pastor Martin Wilms came up with the idea of ​​a living room service. With modest technical means, he began to broadcast service from his own four walls on his YouTube channel, his family contributed music and singing, and his wife Beate Wilms took over the moderation. The result did not really convince him, he reports.

But apparently it was precisely this imperfection that was received by the viewers: While the ordinary services of the city mission reached around 100 people, the video was clicked 400 times. Even from Australia and Nepal, a couple each spoke up, because the event is directly connected to the faithful through a chat. In the future, other community events should, therefore, be made accessible in this way.

The easiest way to find the link to the Worms city mission’s YouTube channel is via the community’s homepage at www.stamiworms.de.

The City Mission has set up a shopping service for people who belong to the risk group and therefore cannot leave their homes. Deborah Iljen takes help requests at 06239-9 99 09 55.

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