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Strict contact rules apply until after Easter

Wiesbaden – The extensive ban on contact due to the corona crisis also applies in Hesse beyond the Easter holidays. Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) said on Wednesday after a phone call between the federal and state governments. Among other things, the measure provides that people are only allowed to go out of the house on their own or in pairs. Families and domestic communities are excluded. This is to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“The development in the last few days has been rather moderate, but it does not yet allow a general assessment,” emphasized Bouffier. It is crucial that the spread is still proceeding much too quickly. Therefore, any contact outside the family should be avoided – as far as this is possible. “It seems that it works.” But there is still no valid development. After the Easter holidays, the federal and state governments want to discuss again how to proceed. The basis is always the medical advice of the experts.

Bouffier encouraged understanding that – with a few exceptions – there will be a general ban on visiting hospitals, care facilities, and old people’s homes. «It is difficult, it is also something that comes to the heart, because one would like to maintain this contact, especially with the elderly. But we mustn’t endanger them. » So far, at least formally, one person has the right to visit for one hour a day. Many institutions had already stopped this.

There is said to be no obligation for the population to wear masks in Germany and Hesse. “A mask that really provides comprehensive protection, we first have to make it available, especially … to the healthcare system.” In the week after Easter, Hessen wants to decide whether schools can open again after the Easter holidays, said the Prime Minister. The first day of school after the holidays would be Monday, April 20th.

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