Train driver dies in a freight train accident in Auggen

Auggen (TEH) » The train driver died on Thursday evening in an accident involving a freight train in Auggen near Freiburg. That said a spokeswoman for the police headquarters Freiburg. In addition, some people were slightly injured.

The train had loaded several trucks, as the spokeswoman said. It was a “rolling country road”: the truck drivers were, therefore, sitting in a passenger car on the train.

The exact cause of the accident was initially unclear. The train had an accident on the Rhine Valley line at the level of a bridge. “Part of the bridge fell so that the train could not brake and collided with the part,” said the spokeswoman. No further information was initially known. The “Badische Newspaper” had previously reported. The police and emergency services were deployed in the evening with a large contingent.

The authorized representative of the Deutsche Bahn for Baden-Wurttemberg, Thorsten Krenz, was deeply concerned: “Our thoughts are now with the crashed train driver and his relatives. We wish the injured a speedy recovery.”

Of course, Deutsche Bahn supports the authorities in determining the cause of the accident.

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