Uwe Rosler is the trainer of Fortuna Dusseldorf. Photo: Torsten Silz / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Torsten Silz / TEH)

Dusseldorf – Bundesliga soccer club Fortuna Dusseldorf has finally agreed with its players on a voluntary waiver of salary.

According to information from «Bild», the club will initially save 25 percent in player salaries, which would correspond to around € 300,000 a month. Because of the corona virus crisis and the current Bundesliga break, the Dusseldorf-based professionals would therefore forego 12.5 percent of their salaries. They would teach the club another 12.5 percent. This proportion should only be paid out as soon as financial resources in the form of viewer and TV revenues would flow again.

Fortuna’s willingness to waive its salary was signaled some time ago. There were discussions with each individual player, corresponding declarations of consent have been and are still being signed. The club board had already approved a waiver. Some of the Fortuna employees were sent on short-time work. However, the club itself increases the short-time work allowance to 100 percent of the original net salary.

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