“Help Hessen!” through the corona crisis

The Internet platform "Hessen help!" is a portal for the exchange of help offers in Hessen. The state government's campaign brings together seekers and helpers.

The internet platform "Hessen help! We. Together. Together." , brings together requests for help and offers of help. The state government developed the concept. Photo: VRM

The Corona crisis turns our everyday life upside down, brings people in need, causes fear. There are those who suddenly need help unexpectedly, for example, because they have to live in quarantine with their family. And there are those who want and can help. Both now bring together a portal from the State of Hesse. It is on the Internet at the address hessen-helfen.de to find. The ambiguity of the name says it all. The newspapers of the campaign are also media partners VRM .

The state government’s volunteer platform was developed under the leadership of the State Chancellery.

Requests for help and offers on the platform

The idea is to offer Hessen across the country an easy-to-use and easily available platform that brings together requests for help and offers of help. Both – offers of help and needs – are reported digitally. The mediation takes place analogously: It is carried out by service points, which can be located at municipalities or volunteer agencies. This ensures confidentiality and data protection for both helpers and those seeking help.


Support those in need in the household

On the website, a selection of help can be outlined with just a few clicks. For example, pharmacies, shopping, household support or going for a walk with the dog are possible.

Conversely, someone can look for and hopefully be found on the platform who looks after children, interprets or supports someone in need in the household.

The offers of “Hessen help!”Incidentally, they go beyond neighborhood help in the narrower sense. There are other areas in which support from volunteers is needed. The platform can also be used to search for volunteer harvest helpers for agriculture. It is an offer that deals with the Hessian Farmers’ association is agreed.

Voluntary and free support

The platform already exists from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture daslandhilft.de , which wants to make a contribution to providing agriculture with those 300,000 workers who are now lacking due to the restricted freedom of travel. In contrast to this federal initiative, “Hesse help!”However, only mediate voluntary people who support free of charge.

According to the farmers’ association, there are already numerous inquiries. It is planned to arrange smaller jobs, such as airing foils, repotting, courier trips, washing asparagus.

First, a regional agricultural employment company from South Hesse will participate in the program. If good experiences are made here, rapid expansion is planned. With the inclusion of agriculture in the platform, questions of security of supply, food prices and more can also be covered.

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