Home Sports Internal criticism: Liverpool employees on forced leave

Internal criticism: Liverpool employees on forced leave

Champions League winner Liverpool FC sends some employees on forced leave. Photo: Peter Byrne / PA Wire / TEH (Image: TEH)

Liverpool – Champions League winner Liverpool FC sends numerous employees on forced leave during the Corona crisis and even receives criticism internally.

The club around coach Jurgen Klopp uses a government program to save jobs, in which 80 percent of the wages are borne by the state. The rest of the club contributes so that the employees do not suffer any financial disadvantages. The league rivals Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City, Newcastle United and AFC Bournemouth had previously followed suit.

A Liverpool employee who remains anonymous has little understanding for this. «The club describes the employees as family. I don’t feel like a family member. Why does a club that generates more than £ 100 million use a government program for its employees when other companies need it more? »He told the BBC.

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