The Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer. (Archive photo: Sascha Kopp)

MAINZ – Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) asked the Rhineland-Palatinate to adhere to the restrictions during Holy Week in the Corona crisis. “Coping with the corona crisis is not a sprint, it is a marathon,” said Dreyer. “We will master the crisis by joining forces.”

The situation is very stressful for many people. However: “Unfortunately, the virus knows no weekends or holidays.” The strict measures should apply at least until April 19. The tough measures were also very difficult for herself and the entire state government, Dreyer emphasized. “But only in this way can we slow down the rate of infection with the corona virus.”

The state government is working flat out to cushion the consequences. Dreyer cited the protective shield of 3.3 billion euros as examples. The state, however, cannot avoid all hardships, the Prime Minister conceded. “But we do everything we can to find suitable solutions.” At the same time, the hospitals would be prepared for the high point of the pandemic, the number of intensive care beds would be doubled and more ventilation places would be created.

Dreyer thanked the people who provided medical and nursing care for the sick, who continued to make shopping possible, who drove the buses and trains and looked after the children during the Easter holidays. “It’s great to see how many great ideas are being developed to help neighbors and people at risk.” The country supports these initiatives. The willingness to help companies in the country is also overwhelming.

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