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Tuesday, July, 5, 2022

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Police control excursion destinations in southern Hesse


SOUTH HESSE – A nice weekend is just around the corner, the Hessian Easter holidays begin and many people will wonder what else they can do in the times of Corona.

Picnic and sunbathing prohibited

Despite the spring-like temperatures and good weather, it is currently forbidden to settle in parks for a picnic or sunbathing. The police announced on Friday afternoon. The police have no objection to a walk with the family, cycling or jogging at a suitable distance from one another.

The police and the staff of the regulatory authorities will pay more attention to compliance with the rules and react consistently to violations. The police still hope for the understanding of the citizens and would be happy if there was no reason for warnings or further police measures. The police are also in close contact with the municipalities, for example, to block parking spaces for popular excursion destinations, such as in local recreation areas or in the vicinity of parks. This affects the following locations, among others:

  • Kornsand (Trebur) in the area of ​​the ferry

  • Landing place (Russelsheim)

  • The parking lot at the Marbachstausee (Erbach)

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    parking lot Krahberg (Oberzent)

  • Gumpener cross

  • Erlensee (Bickenbach)

Other areas are blocked by the municipalities or checked as part of the service.

The Hesse police once again urge everyone: The spread of the coronavirus must be reduced as much as possible! Officials are also aware that the blanket falls on your head, especially when the weather is great at home. It is also okay to go for a walk or do sports outdoors with your life partner and a group of people who live in the same household. However, it is important that the minimum distance from

1.50 meters to adhere to other people. At this time, it is not just about protecting your own health, but especially that of the risk groups.

Only if all people adhere to the regulations and these goals have been achieved an even more intensive measure be prevented. Everyone is responsible and must, therefore, make their contribution. Despite the good weather, everyone should stay mostly at home. Even if it is difficult, each individual must absolutely adhere to the ordinance of the Hessian government to contain the coronavirus.


Share of the risk group

Contagion with the coronavirus is particularly dangerous for older people. The following map shows the share of the risk group (population 65 years and older) in the total population. The latest data is available for 2018. With the sliding rule, you can jump into the past. A click on the play button has the development automatically started since 1960.

The development in Germany

The following graphics show based on the data of the Johns Hopkins CSSE the development of coronavirus infections, recoveries, and deaths in Germany.


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Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur
Staff writer at The Eastern Herald. Studied political science.


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