Barsinghausen (TEH) – Encouragement in the corona crisis: The Hanover pop singer Freddy Caruso alias Fred Meier-Klocker is currently singing in old people’s homes.

With his mobile amplifier, he positions himself in front of the buildings, while the residents listen to the songs on balconies or in the atrium with the double doors open. “I have a performance every two days until after Easter,” says the 73-year-old. At the last mini-concert in front of the Marienstift in Barsinghausen near Hanover, several dozen residents listened, nurses encouraged them to dance.

For three years the singer has been offering mudflats between Cuxhaven and the island of Neuwerk – with vocals. But because of the Corona crisis, these have been canceled until further notice, so he now has some free time. Since he sometimes sings in retirement homes, he had the idea to create a good atmosphere in front of the buildings for half an hour. “

This is my solidarity contribution to the crisis,” he says. “The residents are currently not in contact with their relatives.” That is why he offers free mini-concerts with hits from the 1950s to 1970s. In the end, he sings “You have to walk over seven bridges”. “It is a highly emotional song, one or the other pinches a tear,” says Fred Meier-Klocker.

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