Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: "Demand and supply will regulate and rebalance the transfer market." Photo: Roland Weihrauch / TEH (Image: TEH)                             (Photo: Roland Weihrauch / TEH)                     

Munich – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge expects the corona crisis to affect the transfer market.

“But every crisis also has an opportunity. Transfer fees and salaries for players have been developing on an unhealthy scale for a long time. The coronavirus and the resulting global crisis will mean that this “ever more expensive, faster, more” is at least stopped », said the chief executive of the German soccer champions in the member magazine« 51 ». “Demand and supply will regulate and rebalance the transfer market.”

In the foreword to the magazine, Rummenigge again referred to the careful social handling of the current situation. «There is a deceleration of life. And football must also deal with it in an exemplary and disciplined manner. Of course, everyone who loves our sport wants to get back on the grass as soon as possible, »said the 64-year-old. Nobody can reliably predict when that will be.

“When the time comes – of course in close coordination with politics – football can hopefully help us to find our way back to normal slowly and carefully,” he said. At the moment, however, the topic of health was above all.

Rummenigge pointed out the difficult economic situation in football. “At the moment, the income of all clubs has practically dropped to zero. This also affects FC Bayern. We are only very lucky that we have been able to create certain reserves in the past few years, »said the CEO. “And it is precisely this fact that enables us to stand together in solidarity in this great crisis. The strong shoulders have to support the weaker shoulders. »

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