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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
NewsShock in Vogtareuth: mother and two daughters dead » Germany

Shock in Vogtareuth: mother and two daughters dead » Germany

Vogtareuth (TEH) – The Upper Bavarian town of Vogtareuth near Rosenheim is actually a rural idyll. But this Friday morning, a shadow has cast over the 300-soul place.
Police had found three bodies in a semi-detached house early in the morning, a mother and her two daughters. After initial investigations, the officials suspect that the 36-year-old federal policewoman shot her two ten- and twelve-year-old daughters and then killed herself.
“We are assuming a family tragedy,” says a police spokesman. The investigators left it open whether the woman, who worked for the Federal Police in Rosenheim according to TEH information, used her service weapon for the crime. The father, who is also said to be employed by the federal police, was looked after the fact.
The police and emergency services were alerted by a person from the house at around 4:40 in the morning. Whoever called, the police left open, referring to the ongoing investigation. What happened in the house at night is a mystery.
On Friday lunchtime, helpers put up a privacy screen on the pink painted semi-detached house. Preparations for the removal of the dead. The evidence of the Kripo was still at the scene. With experts from the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office and the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Munich.
A local resident said her little grandson was in the house crying. Until recently, before the Corona crisis banned contact, he played with the two girls and romped in the garden on the trampoline. Now his two playmates are dead.
The family had lived retired, said, other neighbors. There was not much contact. “We greeted each other,” said a direct neighbor. The couple moved in about ten or eleven years ago and did everything nicely.
The mayor of the place, Rudolf Leitmannstetter (independent), came to the crime scene on Friday. He was also shocked. Everyone in the village knows everyone. “You have to have that set first.”
The crime in Upper Bavaria is the second crime within a family that causes a sensation nationwide in a very short time. In Dortmund, a family man is said to have killed his wife, three children and then himself on Thursday. The motive is still unclear. “With the backgrounds, everything remains open,” said a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Dortmund on Friday. «Everything indicates that the husband and father killed his own family. But we don’t yet know what the reasons were.

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Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur
Editor (Policy) at The Eastern Herald. Expert in Political affairs. Hails from Punjab, India.

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